About Critter

This is me

Residence: Farmington, New Mexico (USA)
Real Name: Gary Williams
Birthday: June 30, 1973
Pets: 2 cats: Ranger (black) and Gypsy (calico)
Hobbies: I love playing with computers and seeing what I can do with them. Cats. Reading. Learning. Many, many interests.
Current Occupation: Web Technician at San Juan College

Yahoo Messenger ID: critter_777 or critter_kat
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Other: I am going to school at San Juan College for an Associate of Applied Science in Information Technology with an Emphasis on Internet Technology. It is a lot of work, but I'm really liking it. I really hope to someday be a successful business owner.

I had a somewhat difficult childhood, but even still, for the most part people think I turned out ok. Yeah, I have a few fond memories of childhood, but a lot of it was very painful. I moved around a lot growing up and very rarely did I attend the same school two or more years in a row. It became hard making freinds and getting to know people because I was afraid that I would just have to leave them anyway. Well, I did get through all of that. Being extremely shy, I still have a hard time getting to know people.

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